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October 19
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Monefit is not just a name or a brand; it’s a promise, a commitment to ensuring everyone lives their best financial life. Since the very beginning, our vision has been to make the world of finance not only accessible but also rewarding and delightful. Our core values have always championed our investors, and with our recent roll-out of new features and rewards, we’re further solidifying that commitment.

The heart of Monefit SmartSaver

In the vast landscape of investment types, fixed-income products hold a respected position. These products become even more significant when they offer returns surpassing traditional high-street savings banks. Our journey began with an ambitious 7.25% APY. We relentlessly worked towards creating a model that would benefit our investors and also ensure our financial sustainability. As we have grown and matured, our vision has expanded. We’re not just looking to offer high returns; we’re looking to redefine the P2P fixed-income investment landscape by introducing features and rewards that bring tangible monetary benefits to our loyal investors. And as we continue to grow our lending side of the business, this vision inches closer to reality.

Our journey so far

Since our launch in early November last year, our SmartSaver product has witnessed an overwhelming response. Today, we proudly serve over 4,000 investors spanning 40 countries. This isn’t just a testament to our offerings but a nod to the simplicity, transparency, and impeccable service that Monefit SmartSaver promises. We might not always be perfect but know that we’re giving it our all to make your investment journey the best it can be.

Setting the Gold Standard in Rewards

Making our investors feel special has been the driving force behind our commitment to offering amazing rewards. We have listened to our investor’s feedback and changed the way we reward our investors. We’ve added some sparkly new rewards and given a little twist to some existing ones. Please make the most of them.

While each of our rewards holds tangible value, the collective experience they offer sets a new benchmark in the industry. In a market filled with fixed-income products, our reward system stands as a beacon of what a holistic investment experience should feel like. We aren’t just aiming to be another platform on your list; we aim to be the platform where you truly feel at home.

We have 5 rewards. Here’s what they look like.

Reward 1 – Hello €5 Gift 🎁

We strongly believe in celebrating beginnings. By offering an immediate reward for our new investors, we’re not just extending a financial incentive but also building an initial foundation of trust and commitment. Every new investor from today will receive a free €5 when they join. No catch. Pure welcome love 🤟.

Every deposit matters. Adding funds to the SmartSaver account is a breeze. You can add instantly using Cards or a simple bank transfer.

Reward 2 – 0.25% Signup Bonus ✨

Starting today, new investors get a 0.25% Signup Bonus on their net deposits for the first 90 days. It’s a quick way to amplify your investments 💸. Whether you’re saving for your dream home or planning retirement, this bonus accelerates your financial journey. On top of a base interest rate of 7.25%, this bonus of 0.25% gets added to your account after 90 days. Keep in mind, that net deposit is what remains after all deposits and withdrawals in the first 90 days.

Every deposit matters. Adding funds to the SmartSaver account is a breeze. You can add instantly using Cards or a simple bank transfer.

Feel special more often - Monefit

Reward 3 – Loyalty Deserves Reward 💶

In the dynamic world of finance today, it’s more than just about the numbers; it’s about valuing lasting trust. Our loyalty program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to you 🙏, our valued investors. With straightforward and attractive tiered interest rates, we cater to both newcomers and our long-time investors. No matter when you joined us, after 90 days post-verification, you’re in for the loyalty bonus. We calculate returns daily based on your end-of-day balance. Here’s how our interest rates vary depending on your balance.

Balance RangeAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)
€10 – €10,0007.25%
€10,001 – €30,0007.52%
€30,001 – €50,0007.79%
€50,001 – €80,0008.06%
€80,001 – €250,0008.33%

Loyalty Program in Action: Alice’s Investment Journey

Day 1: Alice starts her investment journey with SmartSaver by depositing €9,000. Since she’s a new investor, she’ll earn the standard 7.25% APY (7% nominal) irrespective of her balance.

Day 10: Feeling optimistic about her investment, Alice decides to add €3,000, bringing her total balance to €12,000. Even though her balance would typically move her to a higher APY bracket, she continues to earn the 7.25% APY since she’s within her first 90 days.

Day 45: Observing the fruitful growth of her investment, Alice makes another significant deposit of €50,000. Her total shoots up to €62,000. Despite her growing balance, her APY remains unchanged at 7.25% APY due to the 90-day rule.

Day 60: Alice’s confidence in SmartSaver grows, and she decides to deposit an additional €40,000. Her balance climbs to €102,000. Yet, she continues to earn 7.25% APY.

Day 91: Having completed her 90-day tenure with SmartSaver, Alice’s loyalty program is activated. Based on her balance, she now starts earning the pinnacle rate of 8.33% APY (8% nominal).

Day 105: Unexpected expenses arise, and Alice needs to make a withdrawal of €50,000. Her balance was reduced to €52,000. Due to the withdrawal, her rate is now adjusted to 8.06% APY (7.75% nominal).

Day 120: Alice decides to make another withdrawal of €5,000 for a property investment. Her balance drops to €47,000. Now, she moves to the 7.79% APY bracket (7.5% nominal).

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Reward 4 – Referrals – Celebrating Shared Trust 🌟

We have made changes to our Referral Programme. Starting today, you will have an opportunity to earn up to €1250 for every successful referral. 🤑 That means you and your friend get a 0.5% bonus on their net deposit within the first 90 days. And yes, there’s no cap on referrals. With referral, you’re also helping your friends and colleagues take advantage of the exciting opportunities we offer at Monefit SmartSaver.

Hint: Some of our investors are amplifying their bonuses simply by spreading the word.

Spread the love and earn. Your special link is in your account.

Reward 5 – Weekly Lucky Draws 🏆

A dash of excitement every Monday, at 11 a.m. EEST, our Estonian headquarters gets a bit more electrifying. We pick five fortunate investors through our back-office system, blessing them with a delightful €100 each. But how do you become one of the lucky few? Just maintain a net deposit of at least €500 during the week, and voila, you’re in! The best part? It’s fully automated, ensuring complete transparency and randomness. Winners get notified via email, and one can win every week if they’re lucky 🙂

Adding funds using credit cards or debit cards is instant, and you can make it in time for the next weekly draw 😉 

Final Thoughts

Our journey with our investors is not transactional; it’s deeply personal. Every feature, every reward, every interaction is designed with one goal in mind: to make our investors “Feel Special. More Often.” As we continue to innovate and elevate our offerings, this ethos will remain unchanged. Thank you for trusting us, for growing with us, and for letting us be a part of your financial journey. Here’s to many more milestones, rewards, and shared joys!

Warm regards

Your Monefit SmartSaver Team

By Monefit


We kindly ask you to note that no guarantees are offered for investments made with SmartSaver. We advise to carefully evaluate the risks associated with investing in consumer loans and seek professional advice before starting to invest money via SmartSaver. For more information please also familiarize yourself with the Risk Disclosure Statement. Considering the operating principles of SmartSaver you may not always be able to withdraw the full investment amount immediately, in which case you will simply receive payouts in installments instead.