Monefit SmartSaver 1st Year Mission Update
November 23
5 min read

As we sit back and reflect on our first anniversary, I’d like to thank you for being one of our valued investors.

At the same time last year, in 2022, we embarked on a mission to provide a simple yet effective way for people around the world to achieve their financial goals through passive income.

Monefit 1 year data

Today, we’re really happy to see that thousands of people all around the world are using Monefit SmartSaver to meet their money goals. Investors who have been investing for a while, as well as those who are just starting to save and grow their money, trust SmartSaver. More and more people are telling their friends and family about us, which means our community of investors is getting bigger every day. This year, our team put in a lot of effort, and I want to talk about two main things we’ve worked on and the progress we’ve made.

Deliver greater, sustainable customer value

For us, the past year has been a remarkable journey filled with significant advancements for our partners and investors. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the strides we’ve made and the value we’ve created.

Monefit value created

Starting in November last year, we kicked things off with a humble €3, and since then, we’ve seen the value created on our platform soar to an impressive €900K+. This was the result of a series of thoughtful enhancements and new offerings we introduced, all with the goal of providing more value in these challenging economic times.

Here’s how we’ve been busy making good things happen:

  • We boosted the interest rate from a healthy 7% to an even heartier 8.33% APY, and we tied this to a loyalty programme that rewards our investors for sticking with us.
  • We expanded our horizons by increasing the deposit limit from €50K to a generous €250K, giving our investors and partners more room to grow their financial gardens.
  • Our commitment to quick service shone through as we continued to ensure that 100% of withdrawals were completed within a swift 10 business days.
  • We shifted from paying interest monthly to calculating it daily, helping our investors’ earnings grow a little bit every day.
  • We opened up our 0.25% signup bonus to everyone, a warm welcome previously reserved for those who joined through our partners.
  • The referral programme got a boost, too; now, making a successful referral can net up to €1,250, up from €1,000.
  • Luck was also sprinkled in the form of weekly €500 giveaways, with a special treat of €2,500 giveaways to 25 lucky investors during special occasions.
  • We sped things up with instant card deposits, so investors can see their money start working for them right away, and the response has been fantastic.
  • While adding all this value, we’ve kept fees at zero—not a penny more, even for instant card deposits and withdrawals, regardless of the amount.
  • Our global footprint grew, and we now offer our products in 40 countries, spreading the opportunity to enjoy our offerings further afield.
  • Lastly, we launched an educational content series on social media, guiding our community through the essentials of finance to foster savvy financial habits.

We’re moving full steam ahead. Every step we take is about putting more power and possibilities into the hands of our investors and partners and creating more value while we build and scale a sustainable business model for us.

Deliver best-in-class customer experience

Simplicity is one of our core USPs, and we have been working hard to deliver a true one-click investment experience. It’s exciting to see how the changes we’ve made are positively impacting our customers and our business.

Support queries to Investor Ratio

First off, we’ve grown our customer service team and invested in their training to ensure that we can deliver the best customer service possible, really setting the gold standard when it comes to P2P fixed-income investing. This means our team is not only bigger but also better equipped to help our customers with any questions our investors might have. We also introduced an AI chatbot, making it super easy for customers to get quick answers to common questions any time they need them without needing to interact with our trained investor delight team. This, along with beefing up our help centre with even more meaningful and helpful articles, has made a big difference.

Our investors are also loving the updates we made to our dashboard. Now, it’s way easier for them to see all the important stuff, like their investments, deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses, all in one neat and tidy place. Plus, we’ve been sending out email communications that actually matter to our investors, filled with information they find useful. Our open rate has constantly been above the industry average, and we have been continuously investing in delivering quality content to the right investors at the right time.

And guess what? People are really noticing these improvements! Our Trustpilot score is encouraging, showing that customers are happier than ever with our product and overall service. Through this interactive feedback relationship with our investors, we have been learning rapidly and improving our offerings along the way, which has led to fewer customers needing to reach out for help, even as more and more people join us. It’s a win-win: our customers are having a smoother experience, and our customer service team can focus on really nailing those trickier questions. It’s clear that these changes are making a real difference for everyone.

Going forward, we will aim to deliver regular updates in these two areas. Please also have a look at the article we published that clearly explains how we use the SmartSaver funds and our approach to security.

Our journey with our investors is not transactional; it’s deeply personal. Every feature, every change, every reward, and every interaction is designed with one goal in mind: how can we create more value for our investors?

I would love to hear your feedback on SmartSaver.

From all of us at Monefit SmartSaver, we would like to thank you.

Best Regards,
Monika Niebelska 
VP of Product

By Monefit


We kindly ask you to note that no guarantees are offered for investments made with SmartSaver. We advise to carefully evaluate the risks associated with investing in consumer loans and seek professional advice before starting to invest money via SmartSaver. For more information please also familiarize yourself with the Risk Disclosure Statement. Considering the operating principles of SmartSaver you may not always be able to withdraw the full investment amount immediately, in which case you will simply receive payouts in installments instead.