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The displayed amount above reflects the total invested funds in the 12-month Vault.

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Join a global community from over 40 countries and enjoy returns between 7.25% and 9.96% APY and many more amazing rewards. It's easy, free to join, and designed for you.

Main Account. Impressive return, Easy Access

Consistent growth with our Main account, offering 7.25% to 8.33% APY based on your daily balance. Returns are paid daily, and your funds are always within reach, withdrawable in 10 business days.

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Vault. Amplify Your Earnings

Boost your earnings with Vault. Earn 8.87% and 9.96% APY on 6 or 12-month terms. Start with just €100 and enjoy daily returns. Open as many Vaults as you like.

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Withdraw anytime

Forget the wait. Access your Main account funds when you need them, with the assurance they'll be in your account within 10 business days. Your money, your terms.

Welcome Offers: FREE €5 + 0.25%

Kick off your SmartSaver journey with a free €5 and an additional 0.25% bonus on your investment after 90 days, and with a stroke of luck you could win an extra €100 every week.

Refer and Earn €2,500

For every friend who joins and invests, both of you get a 0.5% bonus on their investment in the first 90 days. Unlimited invites.

Zero Fees, Endless Possibilities

No fees of any kind. With a minimum to start of just €10 and the option to invest up to €500K, achieve bigger goals, sooner.

We all have reasons to grow our money for our goals. What’s yours?

Grow retirement reserves

It’s never too early to start saving and investing for retirement.

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Go for dream vacation

Don’t just dream about it. Enjoy your dream vacation faster than you think.

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Save for kids future

Putting aside now to set your children up for success in the future.

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Take a career break

Take time for what makes you happy, knowing you have a safety cushion in place.

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A big purchase

Save faster for your new car or a home renovation.

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Leave a legacy

Give a financial security and sentimental value to your loved ones.

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Retiring early

Have the financial independence to decide when and how you work.

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Save for a rainy day

Have a safety net for unexpected expenses

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Get married

When it comes to the big day, meaningful saving early makes a big difference.

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Invest for new home

Save for your home deposit and get the key faster than you think.

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Start a business

Get a head start in starting up your new venture with some savings.

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Receive daily returns between 7.25% - 9.96% APY.
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Did we miss something?

How will my money be put to use by SmartSaver?

Creditstar Group, the parent company of Monefit, will use the funding from SmartSaver to accelerate its credit services growth in the EU. Access to alternative assets was previously only available to institutions, but not anymore. To date, Creditstar has paid to investors €100 million in returns.

What kind of returns should I expect?

Expected returns are not always possible to predict, but with SmartSaver you can predict future earnings as we offer a minimum fixed annual return of 7%. Returns are accrued daily, so you can reinvest what you earn to generate additional earnings over time. This means the effective annual rate (APY) will always be higher than 7%. We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the risks associated with using SmartSaver.

Who can open a SmartSaver account?

We invite both individuals and companies to invest through SmartSaver. Individual investors are required to be at least 18 years old, have a personal bank account in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and have their identity successfully verified by the Monefit SmartSaver team. Family trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other organizations must have a bank account in the EEA or Switzerland. Please check the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if your country of residency and tax residency are included.

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We kindly ask you to note that no guarantees are offered for investments made with SmartSaver. We advise to carefully evaluate the risks associated with investing in consumer loans and seek professional advice before starting to invest money via SmartSaver. For more information please also familiarize yourself with the Risk Disclosure Statement. Considering the operating principles of SmartSaver you may not always be able to withdraw the full investment amount immediately, in which case you will simply receive payouts in installments instead.