5 Essential tips to stay financially fit this Summer
June 12
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Summer is a time for relaxation, adventure, and creating lasting memories. However, it can also be a season of unexpected expenses, from vacations and outdoor activities to social events and family gatherings. Maintaining financial fitness during these sunny months is crucial to ensuring the fun doesn’t lead to financial strain. Here are five practical ways to stay financially fit this summer, along with a bonus tip on how SmartSaver can help you maximise your savings and investments.

1. Create a summer budget

Create a summer budget

Creating a summer budget is your first step towards financial fitness. Start by listing your expected income and expenses for the season. Including everything from utility bills and groceries to entertainment and travel costs. This comprehensive overview will help you identify areas where you might overspend.

Imagine planning a beach vacation with your family. Without a budget, it’s easy to lose track of expenses, leading to overspending on accommodations, dining out, and activities, leading to regret and struggle once the season has finished. By setting a clear budget, you can allocate funds appropriately, ensuring you have enough for the essentials and a little extra for spontaneous adventures without breaking the bank.

2. Embrace free and low-cost activities

low-cost activities

Summer is full of opportunities to have fun without spending a fortune. Look for free or low-cost activities such as hiking, picnics in the park, beach days, or community events. These activities not only save money but also create priceless memories.

For instance, consider organising a potluck barbecue with friends instead of dining out at expensive restaurants. Everyone can bring a dish, reducing the overall cost while enjoying a variety of homemade meals. Additionally, exploring local trails or visiting free museums can provide enriching experiences without the hefty price tag.

3. Optimise your home energy use

Optimise your home energy use

Due to increased air conditioning usage during the summer heat, energy bills can skyrocket. To stay financially fit, optimise your home energy use. Simple changes like using fans, closing curtains during the hottest parts of the day, and setting your thermostat a few degrees higher can make a significant difference.

Consider the scenario of a family struggling with high electricity bills during a heatwave. By implementing energy-saving measures, they not only reduce their expenses but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Investing in energy-efficient appliances and regularly maintaining your HVAC system can also lead to long-term savings.

4. Plan and save for big purchases

Plan and save for big purchases

Summer often brings sales and promotions, tempting us to make big purchases like electronics, outdoor gear, or even vehicles. While it might be tempting to splurge, it’s essential to plan and save for these expenses to avoid financial strain.

Take the example of someone eyeing a new grill for summer barbecues. Instead of making an impulsive purchase, they can set aside a specific amount each month leading up to the summer. By the time the season arrives, they’ll have enough saved to buy the grill without resorting to credit cards or loans, maintaining their financial health.

For this, SmartSaver’s Vaults can help. Read until the end for a bonus tip.

5. Review and Adjust Your Financial Goals

Review and Adjust Your Financial Goals

Summer is an excellent time to review and adjust your financial goals. Reflect on your progress towards saving, paying off debt, or investing, and adjust your goals based on any changes in your financial situation or priorities.

Imagine someone who planned to save for a down payment on a house by the end of the year. During their mid-year review, they realise they have exceeded their savings target due to unexpected bonuses and reduced spending during the pandemic. They can now adjust their goal to include a new target, such as investing in home improvements or starting a college fund for their children.

Bonus Tip: Boost Your Savings with SmartSaver

Staying financially fit is not just about cutting costs and saving money; it’s also about making your money work for you. SmartSaver is a simple and effective investment platform for experienced and first-time investors.

Imagine you have €10,000 in your savings account. By moving this amount to SmartSaver’s Main Account, you can earn a 7.25% annual yield, significantly higher than traditional savings accounts. As your balance grows, so does your return rate, reaching up to 8.33% for higher tiers. 

For those looking to maximise returns with the end in mind SmartSaver offers Vaults with fixed investment terms of 6 or 12 months, yielding up to 9.96% annually. So, if you know you will need a new grill or renovate your backyard for the next summer, you can start planning that as soon as the season ends.

By leveraging SmartSaver, you not only boost your savings but also set yourself up for financial success, whether you’re planning for a major purchase or seeking passive income.

Watch your financial health flourish!

Staying financially fit this summer doesn’t mean sacrificing fun and enjoyment. By creating a budget, embracing free activities, optimising energy use, planning big purchases, and reviewing your financial goals, you can enjoy the season without financial stress. And with SmartSaver, you have a powerful tool to enhance your savings and investment returns, ensuring your financial well-being extends beyond the summer months. Enjoy your summer wisely, and watch your financial health flourish!

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